Facts About Employee Wellness Programs

Living a healthy lifestyle has become more important to many people today, especially after the upheaval caused by the pandemic.

In response to this trend, many companies are offering wellness programs for their employees as part of a benefits package. Businesses are hoping that this benefit will attract new workers as well as help to retain the ones they have. Moreover, companies realize the benefits of having a healthy workforce — employees who are more engaged and more productive.

If you are considering a wellness program at your company, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1.Employee feedback

Wellness programs can cover a range of activities, everything from exercise programs, weight-loss programs, stress reduction programs, smoking cessation programs, financial planning programs, nutrition information programs, and more.

Before starting a wellness program, you need to find out what kinds of activities and information your employees are most interested in. It won’t do much good to have a wellness program that no one attends. So it is essential to make sure you are offering what employees want. You need to solicit feedback from them to determine the most appropriate programs to offer.

2. Communication

You need to promote the program among employees so that everyone is aware of it. They need to know what it is, what it does, how it works, and how they can join.

3. Include families

Wellness programs will have a greater impact if the families of employees are included as well. Including families will give employees more of an incentive to join and remain in it. Healthy families may also reduce healthcare premiums.

4. Incentives

For many employees, the intrinsic benefits of a wellness program are enough reason to enroll. Others, however, may need a little more encouragement to join. To give them an incentive, the company can offer bonuses, additional vacation days, or some other kind of reward.

5. Measurement

You also need to establish goals for the wellness program and metrics to determine if you are making progress toward those goals. You need to be able to measure how well the program is working to make sure you are getting an adequate return on your investment. There are various ways to do this, such as monitoring participation rates, productivity levels, healthcare premiums, absenteeism, and the like.

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