4 Tips: Recruiting Gen Z in Manufacturing

Gen Z is entering the workforce as Baby Boomers retire in droves. This post-millennial generation (born between 1997 and 2012) will make up 30% of the of the US workforce by 2030. With a projected 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs predicted by the same year, recruiting Gen Z to manufacturing jobs has become paramount for the industry.

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The Value of Recruiting Generation Z in Manufacturing

Recruiting Generation Z workers isn’t only essential in terms of numbers. As digital natives who have never lived without the internet, Gen Z brings a valuable digital skillset important to the increased automation within the manufacturing industry. They grew up with technology at their fingertips and are accustomed to digital innovation. With the retirement of Baby Boomers, who possess decades of specialized experience, and the rapid evolution of technology in manufacturing, Gen Z workers have the skills and potential manufacturing facilities need to bridge the growing skills gap.

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How Manufacturing Companies Can Recruit Gen Z

Recruiting Gen Z workers requires companies to shift their strategies to capture the attention of the new demographic. Here are 4 things manufacturers can do to attract Gen Z talent.

Leverage Mobile Friendly Apps

Gen Z workers are tech savvy and spend a lot of time on mobile devices. If you want them to apply to your jobs, you must optimize for mobile and make it as easy as possible for them to complete your application. The days of filling out a detailed job application and waiting days—or weeks—for a response are gone. Generation Z grew up with Amazon as their benchmark for service delivery. They expect to achieve their goal with one click and get an immediate response from employers. When you are communicating with Gen Z talent, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your job application is optimized for mobile.
  • Ask for only essential information to make it easy to apply.
  • If possible, create a post-apply thank you text or email to immediately confirm the application has been received.
  • Contact qualified applicants quickly. If they don’t hear from you within a short period of time, they’ll move on to the next company.

Balance your texts and email with personal communication. While Gen Z likes technology, they also appreciate in-person outreach.

Promote Work/Life Balance When Recruiting Gen Z

Generation Z is less inclined than other generations to see the workplace as their primary source of personal identity. Their work is important to them, but they also prioritize balance in their lives. To appeal to Gen Z talent, showcase your manufacturing company’s flexible options.

A great benefits package and excellent job perks can also tip the scale when you are trying to place Gen Z in manufacturing roles. Consider offering benefits like:

  • PTO
  • Flexible scheduling for health and family issues
  • Mental health benefits
  • Remote work options

Generation Z takes a holistic approach to employment. They want to work hard, but they also want to enjoy their families and time off. Manufacturing employers that respect their employees as human beings, not just as workers completing tasks, have a better chance of attracting Generation Z talent.

Showcase Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in our nation. More than half of Generation Z workers are racial or ethnic minorities and want to see themselves reflected in their work environment. Diversity isn’t an option for them; it’s a requirement. They expect their prospective companies to not only have a comprehensive DEI policy in place but to follow policy with action—and they aren’t easily fooled. Paying lip service to DEI without following through in your hiring practices won’t fly with Gen Z.

To be successful recruiting Gen Z in manufacturing jobs, diverse companies should highlight their DEI success in job posts and interviews to help candidates see themselves working for the company.

Gen Z Workers Want Transparent Salary Ranges

Competitive compensation and great benefits are vital in today’s economy, especially to the new generation of the workforce. If you aren’t listing a salary range on your job posts, you should be. Gen Z wants to know what’s in it for them bore they commit to filling out an application. Providing salary transparency on job descriptions will give them the information they need to hit submit.

Another way to entice Gen Z to apply to manufacturing jobs is by showing a clear path of advancement within the company. There are endless opportunities for the digitally-savvy Gen Z in manufacturing roles. Companies need workers who understand robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, and adapting to new technologies is one of Generation Z’s specialties. Maximize your chances of success by ensuring Gen Z knows what opportunities are available in your company and how their career will grow by joining your team.

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