Culture Creation: Why Leadership Needs to Double Down on the Employee Experience

What is the employee experience? Many believe it is simply another name for employee engagement. That is true up to a point. There is certainly a great deal of overlap. But the term encompasses more than just engagement. It covers pretty much the entire interaction an employee has with his or her employer and their perceptions and attitudes about that interaction.
Employee experience defines the factors that make for a positive relationship between an employee and the organization. When the employee experience is a good one, workers feel a sense of belonging and purpose. They are happier in their jobs and more productive.

Employee experience depends on leadership and environment in the workplace.

1. Leadership

Leaders are key because they set the tone and the aims of a company. Their decisions are crucial to providing a good employee experience. They need to provide guidance and a direction that is clear and understood by everyone in the organization, so that each employee knows the importance of their contribution and what is expected of them. That requires open and honest channels of communication.
Leaders need to give support to their workers, as well as feedback, and show that they are committed to the success of their teams.

2. Work environment

The kind of work environment that a company has, and, in turn, its employee experience, depends on how employees are treated. Managers create a work environment by how fair and consistent they are in dealing with their workers, how well they communicate with them and listen to them, how much feedback they give employees about their performance, and how much managers provide the help and guidance to enable employees to be successful.
A good work environment is one where collaboration is a key element. Everyone is working together in alignment with the core values of the company. Work is meaningful for employees because they are able to use their skills and knowledge to their full potential.
Studies have shown that when companies deliver a positive employee experience through employee recognition, feedback and employee development, businesses have significant improvements in return on assets and return on sales.

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