Why Working with the Right Staffing Professional Makes All the Difference

Working with a good recruiting agency can make a big difference in finding the right people for your company. A top-notch recruiter will take the time to find out exactly what your company is looking for, the needs you are trying to fill, and then will work to find a person who can meet those needs.

Looking For Employees? Working with Opti Staffing is A Major Advantage!

A Large Candidate Pool

A standout recruiting agency will have a large, diverse candidate pool to draw from in looking for qualified people. At Opti, we have a database of more than 120,000 active and passive candidates to choose from. And we are continually updating our candidate pool and evaluating those who are in it.

Evaluating Candidates

An experienced recruiter will also work with your hiring managers to learn just what you are looking for, the mix of skills, knowledge and experience you want in your new hire. Then, the recruiter will carefully evaluate candidates with those requirements in mind.

Why Opti?

At Opti, we have many years of experience working with our clients and researching their particular needs. We also take the time to learn about our job candidates, not just what is on the resume, but to probe deeper, to learn about their personality, their interests, their career goals and aspirations and what motivates them.
When we send your company a prospect, you get more than just a summary of their skills and experience. You get a comprehensive assessment – an explanation of how their skills and knowledge match the job description, at least three reference checks to verify their competence, any skills evaluations that you want, why the candidate is looking for employment, desired salary range, and an analysis of why we believe the person is a good fit for your company.

Here is what one company representative had to say about Opti’s recruiting professionals and our services:


“Each and every encounter I have with recruiter Michelle Kovacich is a pleasant, inspiring and positive experience. She has exceptional knowledge and expertise, which makes her a valuable asset to any company. She has great people skills and displays her sense of compassion and really listens to her clients and makes them realize their worth. If the world had more dedicated people like Michelle in it, we would have a better world to live and work in. I would recommend any one I know to Opti for a life changing experience.”

(Tami – 5 star employer review)

Find Qualified Employees With Opti Staffing Today!

If you are looking for quality workers, check with Opti Staffing. We are one of the best skilled trades staffing agencies in the region. We have a temp agency in Tacoma, a temp agency in Vancouver, Washington, a staffing agency in Portland, a staffing agency in Salem, Oregon, and a temp agency in Seattle. Give us a call today.
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