Three Ways to Build Empathy with an Interviewer

You have a job interview coming up, and you are ready for it. You have done research on the company, prepared answers to common interview questions and practiced them, and drawn up a list of questions to ask.
To give yourself the best chance for success, however, there is one thing more you should do — learn how you can establish a rapport with the hiring manager, to make a connection with him or her during the interview. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Try These 3 Empathy Building Tactics

1. Appearance

Humans form impressions quickly, within a few moments. As soon as the hiring manager meets you, he or she will be making judgments about you. That is why it is important to make a favorable impression immediately by dressing well and being well-groomed.
The dress of choice for job interviews is still a suit and tie with a white shirt. Make sure it is well-tailored and neatly pressed. Also, make sure your shoes are polished. Your hair and fingernails should be neatly trimmed.

2. Saying hello

Before the interview begins, you will probably have the opportunity to chat with the hiring manager, and this is a good opportunity to make a connection. It may help to have a few topics in mind to prevent any awkward silences. When introducing yourself, shake hands firmly, smile and make eye contact.
Ask the hiring manager about his or her interests and talk about them before the interview begins. For example, if the manager is a baseball fan, you can bring up that topic.

3. Body language

It is just as important as what you say. In fact, according to hiring managers, about one-third of all job candidates display body language that actually hinders their chances of getting the job.
Another way of making a connection is to subtly imitate the body language of the interviewer. If, for example, he or she tends to use his hands when talking, you can mirror that gesture.
When talking, face the person squarely and make eye contact. Smile. Sit straight, but lean forward just a little to show interest and enthusiasm. Gesture with your hands occasionally. Avoid fidgeting, or things like tapping your fingers.

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