How to Find the Best People

Even today, when competition for top talent and highly skilled professionals is keen, it appears that many companies still rely on a more passive hiring strategy.
A recent survey by a California staffing firm revealed that almost two-thirds of CFOs simply advertise open positions and wait for resumes. Only about one-fourth actively recruit. But two-thirds of workers report that they would consider a job offer from a recruiter even if they were not actively looking for a new job.
When employers have openings, the most important thing to do is to make sure job seekers know about the positions, according to human resource specialists. A good way to do this is to use a recruiter.
Top performers or those who have highly desired skills can usually write their own ticket when it comes to job offerings. These people are actively sought by many companies. If an employer waits for the job candidate to come to their company, the employer will have a long wait.
Here are a few tips on improving your hiring process:
1. Don’t take too long.
Develop a schedule for your hiring process and stick to it. Establish a deadline for making the hire. Communicate with everyone involved in the process to make sure all are on the same page. If the hiring process takes too long, you risk losing the top performers because they are usually snapped up pretty quickly.
Make sure you also communicate with job candidates, so they know how long the process will take, where they stand and what to expect.
2. Plug your company
With people who are in-demand, you are competing with other firms, so you need to sell your company to the job candidates, to explain to them why they would want to come and work for you, what your company has to offer that is different or better.
3. Make competitive offers
If you want top performers, you are going to have to pay them what they are worth, as well as offering excellent benefits and opportunities for career growth.
4. Look for the best two people.
When you narrow your list for hiring, make sure it includes the top person for the job and a runner up in case the top person declines your offer.
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