How to Respond to a Job Referral

Many companies these days rely on referrals for hiring new people. They do this because referrals offer a number of advantages over posting job advertisements. They have a better idea of who they are getting.
So, if someone you know approaches you and tells you that he or she would like to refer you for an open position at his company, how should you handle this situation? Here are a few tips.
1. Set up a meeting
The best way to find out about the job is to talk directly to the person referring you. Meet with him if you can to discuss the job. He or she may have information that you won’t find in the job description. He may be able to give you helpful advice on how to sell yourself for the job.
Make it as easy to meet as possible. Work around the other person’s schedule and take as much or as little time as he or she can give you.
2. Work on your resume
Make sure your resume is as good as you can make it. Use the information that you acquired from the meeting with your contact to help you craft a resume that will stand out. Emphasize your experience and accomplishments that most closely align with the responsibilities of the job.
3. Make it easy for your contact
Your colleague will most likely contact the hiring manager through email, so have something ready to go for the person to send to the hiring manager. Put together an email tailored just for the particular open position.
It should be something like a cover letter. Begin with who referred you and how you came to be referred. Talk about your background, the skills and experience you have that make you the best person for the job. Close by expressing your appreciation for being considered for the job and by stating your willingness to answer any questions or arrange an interview.
Also make sure you have included contact information and the address of your LinkedIn profile.
4. Follow up
Get in touch with your contact to find out the next steps in the process and who you should follow up with. Also, send a note of thanks to your contact. It shows your professionalism, and your contact will certainly appreciate it.
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