Positive Thinking Is Not All That Positive

The power of positive thinking. We all assume it’s a good thing. After all, it has the word power right in the phrase. But research is showing that positive thinking may not be all that we think it is.
That is not to say that it is always bad, just that we should not overindulge in it. When we imagine our desires being met, or goals being achieved, it can actually get in the way of taking real action toward those goals.
Overindulging in positive thinking can pull us away from reality into a world of fantasy where all our dreams come true. And when you immerse yourself in this imaginary world where things go the way you want, you are less likely to do the hard things you need to in real life to achieve your goals.
Psychologists have a term for this fantasy world. They call it “mental attainment.” And, as nice as it is, it does nothing to help us attain what we want in the real world.
Researchers report a strong correlation between positive thinking – or creating images in our mind of the things we want — and poor performance. The more that people imagine themselves achieving something, the less that they actually accomplish. And these studies have covered many different demographic groups in different countries. The people studied have had many different kinds of goals – health, academic and professional. But with all of them, the same thing happens if they overindulge in positive thinking.
So, if positive thinking isn’t all that it’s been thought to be, is there another way to help us achieve our goals? Psychologists have developed another model that may work a little better.
It is described by the acronym WOOP, which stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan. Using this strategy, you first identify what you wish for. Then, you visualize the outcome that you would like to have happen. Then, you determine what the obstacles are to achieving that outcome. And finally, you come up with a plan to reach your goal or wish.
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