Opti Staffing Group Renews Commitment to Candidate Development

New mission statement created to articulate our holistic hiring approach.
Recently several team members at Opti sat down to create a mission statement that reflects our commitment to our candidates. We chose to approach this initiative as a team in order to gain perspectives from various individuals within the company.
The goal was to articulate a mission and vision for our candidates, and communicate that message to our clients, candidates and community.
As part of a marketing strategy that would enhance candidate experience, Opti Staffing developed this new candidate-focused mission statement.
Here are some thoughts on the new mission statement from the team:

“It really captures our passion and how we stand out from other staffing companies.”
Tanya – Executive
“We think people will respond positively to our treating each candidate’s career with the respect and care it deserves.”
Mike – CMO
“Candidates are what ultimately drive our business. The new mission statement reflects how important the candidate experience is to all of us.”
Jamal – Skilled Trades
“Candidates are the backbone of everything we do. Creating an environment where candidates feel welcomed, heard, and valued is a mission I embody personally and want to take companywide.”
Dylan – Skilled Trades Recruiter

The mission statement the team developed is a breath of fresh air for the industry:

Our Commitment to You
Opti Staffing Group was formed to provide a superior option for people who are exploring new opportunities, seeking to advance their careers, find a better working environment, or are looking for consultation on the current employment market.
We know starting a new career or career path is a big decision, and we want you to know we are committed to your career and endeavors. We value the trust you are putting in us.  “Our Success is Determined by Your Success” was chosen as our company moniker because we truly believe we are only as successful as the people we assist.
We want you to feel supported in your job search, be able to explore career possibilities, and to have the strength and resources to be competitive in the today’s marketplace.
We add to and bring integrity to your experience by providing a high level of communication and market expertise.  By focusing on open communication and listening to your needs, we build a lasting and positive impression from start to finish; a seamless transition with a new opportunity, and the chance to accentuate your already proven skill sets.
By offering exclusive connections with top hiring authorities we are able to identify, recognize and maximize the unique skills that you possess.
About Opti Staffing Group
Opti is a locally owned and operated full-service agency that boasts continual growth and innovation.  We have six offices located throughout the Pacific Northwest in Alaska, Washington and Oregon.  Our focus is on long-term career placement, and we offer a variety of business models to best suit your needs: Direct Hire, Contract to Hire and Temporary Employee Services.
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