How to Survive the Job Search

The job search can be frustrating. It takes time, several months or more usually. It is filled with uncertainty – you send out resumes and never hear anything afterward. And the stress can be overpowering, especially when you have to interview.
Realizing all this, what can you do to stay sane during the job search, to keep your spirits and energy up? Here are a few ideas.
1. Vent
Vent in the way that feels most appropriate. Talk to family and friends about the frustration you are feeling. Write out your feelings. See a counselor. But recognize these feelings. Avoidance only makes things worse.
2. Stay productive
Staying productive means doing things like volunteering, or taking temporary assignments, or taking a class, or working on a project you have always wanted to do but never had the time. Or maybe you might even want to try something completely new to learn more about it.
This is so important in a number of ways.
First, it keeps you busy and active, which in turn helps you stay mentally sharp and emotionally balanced. Second, it helps you keep your skills sharp, and can even help you to learn new skills and knowledge. Third, it helps you to meet new people and so provides networking opportunities.
3. Keep good habits.
Don’t let your frustration lead to depression and falling into bad habits. Keep a regular schedule. Make sure to exercise daily and get seven to eight hours of sleep a night.
Make sure you get up at the same time each day. Watch that you don’t overeat or get caught up spending too much time on places like Facebook and the internet.
4. Organize your search
Plan out a strategy for your job search, and stick to it. What companies are you interested in? Do your research, find out who the hiring manager is, do your informational interviews. Revise your resume. Plan your approach. Make a to-do list every day. And make sure to record what you have accomplished each day.
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