The Importance of Body Language

Everyone knows how important communication skills are in the workplace. All employers value people who have good communication skills because they are so necessary in the workplace. But when people talk about communications skills, they are usually referring to written or spoken communication. There is another component that really does not receive the same amount of attention, and it should. That is body language.
Body language is important. It is a powerful form of communication in its own right, and people ignore it at their peril. There are a number of different ways that body language can help or hurt your situation. Here’s how it can affect some common workplace situations.
1. Interviewing.
This is probably the situation where body language gets the most attention. All career counselors advise job seekers to show confidence and energy during an interview. You do this by smiling, making eye contact, leaning forward, gesturing.
There is body language you need to avoid as well, such as any movements that betray nervousness or timidity.
2. Performance reviews
This is another stressful situation where you want to show poise and confidence. Good listening skills are important, as well as controlling nonverbal cues, such as showing anger or disappointment.
3. Promotions
How you come across to others with your body language, again showing confidence, energy, and positive attitude, can have a big influence on career progression as well. A person’s demeanor can give the impression of someone who is anxious to get to work and tackle challenges, or someone who would rather be someplace else.
4. Team player and leader
Your body language is important in the way you interact with others. It can improve relationships or damage them if you don’t watch your nonverbal cues. For example, when you are talking with someone, do you give them your full attention, looking them in the eye, nodding to show you are following them, standing so that you are facing them squarely? Or do you have your arms crossed, showing a dismissive attitude with gestures like eye rolling or head shaking?
Facial expressions, posture and tone of voice are all important elements of effective communication because they show our emotions. They are things we need to be aware of and control, and well as learning how to read in others.
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