What to do When Workers Leave

Turnover may be a more common occurrence than in the past because of changes in the economy. Nonetheless, employers should try to keep on good terms with workers even after they leave the company, according to researchers.
For most employers, connections to an employee end when he or she leaves the company. But companies need to look at the situation differently, and look at the relationship as something that is ongoing.
Studies have shown that workers who had a good rapport with their employer when they left carried that good impression with them when they went to a new job. And this could be very helpful to their former employers.
First, former employees are potential customers. Plus, if they maintain contact, they can be a source of information and business insight to their former employers. Also, former employees are in a sense ambassadors for their former company – they can enhance or damage the company’s reputation. In addition, there is always the possibility that they could return to their former company as a boomerang employee, which carries a number of benefits.
Boomerang employees are seen as great assets to a company because of the skills and knowledge they have obtained during their time away, which they bring with them. Also, boomerang employees already know the practices and procedures at their old company, so they need little in the way of training.
To keep goodwill with a person who is leaving, the company can do several things. One is to make an effort to keep the employee. Another is to make the employee aware of how much he or she contributed and that their contributions will be missed.
When employees are leaving, they are especially alert to how they are treated by a company, and so an effort to try and keep the employee will go a long way toward maintaining goodwill with that worker.
The studies also showed that having a good relationship with their supervisors is one of the reasons some people leave a company. That is because this good relationship enabled the employees to improve their knowledge and skills to the point where they could move ahead in their career.
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