Effective Time Management

With all of the tasks you need to do during the workday, time management is obviously crucial. There always seems to be more and more to do with less time to do it. What can you do to best manage your time to get done what you need to?
One thing is to limit distractions that pull you away from what you need to do. And in today’s plugged-in world, there are many distractions to deal with – surfing the ‘Net, e-mail, the telephone. You need to carve out a period of time during which you avoid all of these distractions completely. Close all of your browser windows and don’t open them until a certain time is reached – whether it be one, two, three hours, or some other period.
Another way to better manage your time is to set priorities. This can be done in various ways. If you have deadlines to meet, you can prioritize projects by deadline. If, however, deadlines are not as much of an issue, you can prioritize in other ways – by the importance of the project, or how big or complicated it is. But, either way, setting priorities is essential so that you have some plan of attack.
Some experts also advise making use of something a little more old-fashioned in time management – the pen. Writing things down, it seems, is a potent way to manage time. You can write down things in a to-do list, or write down timelines or schedules. The process of writing makes an impact on the brain that typing on a computer cannot. You see simply and clearly the tasks you need to get done. You also have the satisfaction of crossing things off as well when they are completed.
Another way to more effectively handle time is to break down large tasks into more manageable units. When you have a large project looming before you, it can be daunting, leading to procrastination. What you need to do is break the project down into smaller, simpler tasks, and set a deadline for the completion of each task, similar to benchmarks along the way to achieving a goal. As you complete each task, you should reward yourself to maintain momentum.
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