Hiring the Lowest Priced Staffing Firm Often Means Lower Quality Temporary Employees

Sometimes it really is true — you do get what you pay for. So it often brings gives your more “bang for your buck” to pay a little more in order to get a quality product.
The same goes for hiring a staffing service to source and place temporary and direct-hire employees for your company.
A staffing service that offers you workers at a rate below what other employment agencies in your area are offering may have to cut corners in order to provide you workers at that low rate. What “kind” of corners? The service could skimp on its vetting process or its testing process. Do you really want to cut back on those important processes?
At worst this could mean that workers with sketchy backgrounds could report for duty at your company. At the least, it could mean the staffing firm won’t be able to find you workers with the skills and background you need.
But let’s say the lower-priced staffing firm is able to fill your position — but with someone who doesn’t have all the skills you need. Then it will be up to you — on your own time — to train the person for the job. Or one of your regular employees may have to do the job of “cleaning up” the mistakes an unqualified worker makes while on assignment with you. You’ll then decide to seek out another staffing firm to fill the position.
Regardless, you’ve just spent more money and time (which really is money), extra costs that could have been avoided if your staffing firm had the means to find employees who are able to come to your office and be productive immediately.
In addition, be aware that a lower-priced staffing firm probably will pay its employees less than a firm that charges a higher fee to you. Word gets around as to which firms pay their workers more and the better temporary workers naturally will seek out those staffing firms first, leaving the lower-priced firm you hired to source and place the least skilled and reliable workers with you.
If you need employees you can count on to have the skills and work ethic you need, count on the Opti Staffing Group to source and vet them for you. We look forward to hearing from you.