Temps Aren’t Just for Fill-Ins Anymore — the Value of Professional Contractors

We know you call upon the Opti Staffing Group when you need to fill in for vacationing or ill employees for temporary assignments.
But what happens when your accounting manager, HR director, CFO or even your CEO needs to be take an extended leave? If you’re just about to launch a new product and your VP of marketing decides to explore new opportunities, what do you do?
You certainly don’t want to let such positions stay empty, leaving your company at risk during critical times (and in today’s marketplace, that just about all the time).
So when a manager, director or other essential position becomes vacant at your firm, think of the Opti Staffing Group to help you find someone to fill in while you search for a permanent replacement.
Temporary managerial employees can help your business stay on course while you go through a major reorganization or other transition.
Having these types of critical managers on board also can help you avoid making expensive mistakes. In addition, some businesses can start seeing their operations or sales make a turn for the worse when important positions are vacant because employees become lax, projects become postponed, and so on. Having someone “in charge” — even if it’s just for a few weeks or months — can help your company keep moving forward.
The Opti Staffing Group sources and vets experienced managers, directors and other professionals who can step in on short notice and keep things moving along. We hire only proven performers who possess the exact types of professional and leadership skills and backgrounds you need.
If you’re a business that needs a critical position — or two — to fill today, let us find you the qualified professionals who will help keep your company running smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you.