The Importance of Updating Your Résumé, Even if You Have a Job

Even if you have a job now, if this recession has taught you anything it should be that “No job is forever.”
Which means that you always should have an up-to-date résumé because One. Just. Never. Knows.
Updating your résumé  means you’ll never have to scramble to put one together should a great opportunity pop up suddenly. In fact, the best time to look for a job (and send out that updated résumé) is while you have a job — employers tend to look more favorably upon the currently employed than the unemployed when filling open positions.
In addition, updating your résumé before you need it means you can take you time with it, ensuring the document becomes a great sales tool for your skills and background.
One way to keep your résumé up to date is to always update it. Have you learned a new skill recently? Place that in your résumé. Did you recently earn a professional certificate or college degree? Put it in. Did you just close a huge deal? Be sure that fact — highlighting how much money the deal earned or saved your current employer — is in your résumé.
In fact, you should aim to create a résumé that shows your accomplishments — the things you’ve done for your current and former employers that:

  • saved them money
  • made them money or
  • otherwise solved problems.

After all, that’s what you were hired to do — solve problems. Whether you’re an administrative assistant or a sales executive, your employer brought you on board to solve the problem of how to keep the office running smoothly (the administrative assistant’s task) or to solve the problem of selling the company’s products or services (the sales executive’s job).
So you must be sure to write a résumé that shows how you solved problems. Do so and you have a greater chance of getting a great new position quickly.
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