Work with a Recruiter in the Pacific Northwest to Elevate Your Career

No matter what their industry is, most people in the workforce can agree on two things: the job search process is long and frustrating, and unsolicited messages from recruiters are irritating. If you’re satisfied with your current job, you likely regard recruiting emails as junk mail. And if you’re spending hours a day filling out applications for desirable jobs only to never hear back from most employers, cold calls from recruiters can feel like a prime example of adding insult to injury. 

But although many people are skeptical of recruiters, a professional job recruiter can be an invaluable resource as you search for a job or level up your career. In a highly competitive job market, a recruiter can act as your expert guide, connecting you with the roles that will best fit your goals and lifestyle. Whether you’re actively searching for a new role or are willing to keep an open mind about new opportunities, a recruiter can support you in landing the job that will elevate your career.  


5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Work with Recruiters in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington 

If you’re hesitant to work with a professional job recruiter, you’re not alone. Below, an employment agency serving Alaska, Oregon, and Washington shares five great reasons to partner with a recruiter. 


Professional Job Recruiters and Candidates Share the Same Goal: To Get Hired! 

If you’re a candidate openly seeking work, your end goal is simple: find a great job with a quality employer. And even if you’re happy with your current role, most professionals are willing to hear at least what they think might be a better offer.  

Professional job recruiters have the same goal as candidates: to get them hired. A recruiter’s job is to locate qualified candidates for the employers who are their clients, and their success is measured by the number of candidates they place. Not only that, but many recruiters earn commissions based on how many candidates they place. This means that recruiters have an active interest in getting you hired—and getting you hired fast. Some recruiters’ commission is also partially based on the end salary of the candidates they place (particularly for senior or executive roles), meaning they’re not only incentivized to get you a job but to get you a higher pay rate.  

It’s important to note that this commission is paid to the recruiter by the employer, not the candidate. When you work with a professional job recruiter, you gain the support of an expert who wants to achieve the same goal as you—at no cost.  


Recruiters Serve as a Guide to Job Seekers 

The modern job search can feel confusing, especially if it’s been several years since you last looked for a new role. But recruiters from employment agencies are experts in every step of landing a job, from the initial application to the first day on site. Many recruiters spend time coaching candidates to stand out and make a great impression. They can also tell you whether your expectations are realistic in the current job market. If you’re unsure what to include on your resume or how to format it, if you’re nervous about interviewing with hiring managers, or if you don’t know a reasonable salary range to request for a certain position, a recruiter can give you guidance. 

But recruiters’ expertise extends beyond general best practices. Because they’ve developed close working relationships with their clients, recruiters can often advise you on what specific employers are looking for in a candidate. They may have inside knowledge of the unusual questions a certain hiring manager always asks or whether they’re a stickler for post-interview thank-you notes. Going into the hiring process with this information can give you a serious advantage over the rest of the candidate pool.  

A good recruiter will act not only as your guide throughout the job search but as an advocate. Their established client relationships mean they often have direct access to decision-makers and can move you through the process faster than if you had applied on your own. Instead of yet another faceless resume in a sea of anonymous applicants, you’ll be seen by potential employers as a talented contender handpicked by an industry expert.  


Recruiters Have Access to Unlisted Jobs 

Open positions that match your experience, skill set, and pay requirements can seem few and far between on job boards. One reason is that a surprising number of roles are never listed on job boards in the first place, either because the employer wants to hire internally—or because they’ve chosen to hire through an employment agency.  

Exclusive hiring rights are often part of recruiters’ standard business agreements. In fact, many hiring managers bring open roles to their recruiters before even writing a job description. This means recruiters work to fill positions that aren’t listed on job boards, company websites, or other public forums. And when you work with those recruiters, you gain access to those exclusive positions.  

If you’re able to apply to positions that aren’t listed anywhere else, you’ll have a higher chance of landing a job not only because you’ll be applying to more positions but because you’ll be part of a smaller group of applicants. Publicly listed jobs can attract hundreds or even thousands of candidates, many of whom are equally qualified and experienced. By applying to jobs with a narrower applicant pool, you’ll increase your odds of getting noticed by an employer. Moreover, recruiters often have specific candidates in mind the moment they receive a job order from a client. If a recruiter thinks you’re a good fit for a position, they’ll likely let you know within hours of the role opening—and generally, the earlier you apply for a job, the more likely you are to land an interview.  


Understand the Job Seeker’s Skills 

One of the first things a recruiter does when they start to work with a candidate is to ask them detailed questions about their background, professional experience, and applicable skill sets. Once they understand the type of work you’ve successfully done in the past, they can help you find rewarding work in the future.  

The wording of job postings can be confusing, and it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether your skills and experience match what an employer is looking for. Professional job recruiters have an expert-level understanding of the state of the job market across a variety of industries. They can tell you if you have a fair chance of landing a particular job based on your background. You won’t need to waste time filling out applications for positions that aren’t aligned with your qualifications. On the other hand, a recruiter may suggest alternative roles or career paths that would be a great fit based on your experience that you may not have considered.  

Recruiters from an employment agency also typically know the specific skill sets their clients are looking for, as well as their unique company cultures and desired “soft skills.” If a recruiter believes you would fit in well at a particular organization, they can make a case for you with the employer, even if you don’t meet all the qualifications listed in the job description.  

Finally, a good recruiter will take the time to learn about not only your professional skills but your passions and goals. They can help to match you with open positions that aren’t just a good fit on paper but personally fulfilling as well.  


Long-Lasting Relationship  

As we said above, candidates and recruiters share a common goal: getting the candidate hired. But your relationship with your recruiter won’t end once you’ve reached that goal. An excellent recruiter will care about your continued success in your new position and will likely check in periodically to make sure it’s still a great fit. They might also suggest further career-building resources such as relevant events, webinars, and training programs to help you continue advancing in your industry.  

Recruiters keep databases of the candidates they’ve placed as well as their backgrounds and skill sets. So, it’s not uncommon for recruiters to reach back out to candidates they’ve worked with in the past to let them know about new opportunities they think could be a good fit. And if you ever find yourself unexpectedly back on the job market, don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter—if they’re good at what they do, they’ll be happy to help.  


Partner with a Temporary Employment Agency to Elevate Your Job Search in the Pacific Northwest  

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