Looking for Work? 5 Ways an Employment Agency in the Pacific Northwest Can Navigate Job Seekers through a Tough Economy

When the economic forecast is filled with uncertainty, it can be hard to explore the job market with an optimistic mindset.

If you don’t have the luxury of waiting around for a booming economy, you should know there will still be plenty of job opportunities available. During a difficult economy, finding the job you want might take a bit longer, or you may need to go the extra mile to get it. However, you should take heart in the fact that jobs will be out there.

As a highly experienced employment agency in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington — we’ve helped people in all kinds of economic conditions, and even during a global pandemic. Our industry is dedicated to helping people like you have career success, regardless of the economic conditions.

Professional Job Recruiters Help Connect Job Seekers with Top Opportunities in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon


Temporary employment agencies in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington understand the lay of the land. They know which companies in our region are expanding or in desperate need of talent. You can and should use this knowledge to your advantage.

Local job recruiters in the Pacific Northwest also have local connections that job seekers can use to get the inside scoop on the local labor market. In fact, many job openings aren’t posted publicly, and job recruiters have exclusive access to these openings.

If you’d like to learn more about how professional job recruiters can help you navigate an uncertain economy, consider the following benefits of working with an agency.

Temporary Employment Agencies Streamline Your Job Search

Updating resumes, writing cover letters, submitting applications, and sending follow-up emails can be a massive task, even during booming economic times. If you’re looking for a job during difficult times, you need to optimize your search so you can best invest your limited time and energy.

If you’re looking for a job, you might take a spray-and-pray approach to send out applications. When you partner with a professional job recruiter, they handle a lot of necessary legwork involved in a job search and help you avoid wasted effort. A job agency will only connect you to the most promising job opportunities in the market. This can prevent you from investing a lot of energy to land jobs that aren’t likely to work out for you.

Job Seekers are Connected to a Skilled Recruiter

Jobs are still out there during tough times, as many industries are recession-proof. For example, many construction projects are already in the pipeline and in need of workers. Likewise, people still need accounting and finance services during an economic downtown.

If you’re looking for a job in one of these industries, temp employment agencies in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington can apply their knowledge of local industries and companies to find the best opportunities for you and where they may be growing.

Temporary staffing and employment agencies also have large local networks. It’s true that “who you know” often leads to career success. When you partner with a team of job recruiters, you instantly gain access to a massive professional network. These recruiters have worked hard to build and maintain their own professional networks. If you hate going to networking events and putting yourself out there, partnering with a staffing agency is an easy shortcut you should take.

Professional Job Recruiters in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington Help with Revising Resumes and Conduct Mock Interviews

When looking for a new job, you have to sell yourself, and many people aren’t comfortable talking about how great they are. Job recruiters are paid to do this for you. They can take stock of your strengths and weaknesses, then use this information to help you with job applications. They can help you optimize your resume and write cover letters.

Of course, the goal of any resume is to land an interview, another area where job recruiters can help. Using their knowledge, recruiters can tell you what a company is looking for in an ideal candidate and what questions to expect. This knowledge allows you to walk in prepared, full of confidence, and ready to sell yourself as the ideal candidate.

Free of Cost to the Job Seeker

If you’ve never worked with a temporary staffing and employment agency before, you might wonder how much it will cost you. The answer is nothing. Temp agencies are paid by their clients to find and bring in talent.

Even though you aren’t paying anything to a temp agency, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take full advantage of the situation. Your agency about the types of jobs they typically fill, the average time it takes for a job seeker to find a job and any potential benefits that might be available.

Job recruiters are trying to help you and will happily answer your questions as best they can. They are also willing to provide you with free career counseling, so go ahead and ask any questions you might have. Find out about job possibilities, working in specific industries, or what it’s like to work at various companies.

Connect with an Employer that Needs your Specific Skills

Everybody wins when a temp agency successfully places someone with one of their client companies. Therefore, job recruiters are highly motivated to help you find the best-fit job opportunities for your qualifications and career status. In addition to being set up for success, working in a best-fit job opportunity also tends to be rewarding. You’ll be able to expand your skillset while having success and enjoying the work you are doing.

In order to find the best-fit opportunities, you should be working with a staffing agency specializing in certain industries. Agency websites will typically list the industries they specialize in, and even post current job openings.

The typical agency has positions available for people at any career stage. Recent graduates still planning out their career paths may be interested in taking temporary positions. Temp jobs can help you figure out the type of work you like to do and the type of work you don’t enjoy. Temp agencies offer a convenient way for recent graduates to experiment with a wide range of positions and potential career paths.

Temporary jobs can still be useful for experienced professionals. People looking to change career paths can take that first step towards transition with temporary assignments. Those making a career change can show off their transferable skills while gaining new ones. Also, every temporary assignment doubles as a networking opportunity. If you do well in a temporary position, you will instantly gain a bunch of new network connections that you can solidify over LinkedIn.

Employment agencies also have something for those in the later stages of their career. Many agencies help their clients staff full-time positions and positions in upper management. If you’re interested in these types of positions and see them posted on an agency’s website, don’t hesitate to reach out to the agency.

Partner with a Temporary Employment Agency in the Pacific Northwest to Help You Find a Job

As a premier temporary employment agency, we’ve built our name on delivering results for job seekers and employers.

Our job recruiters specialize in filling positions in accounting and finance, construction, manufacturing, skilled trades, administration, and engineering. The positions we have typically available include:

  • Temp-to-Hire. These positions act as a trial period for both the employer and the worker. If you like working in the position and performing well, it can turn into a full-time job. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the position, it’s much easier to move on from a temporary assignment (with the help of a staffing agency) than to quit a full-time job.
  • Direct-Hire. While staffing agencies mostly deal in temporary and temp-to-hire positions, they will also fill some full-time positions for their clients. Staffing agencies have large pools of talented workers at their disposal, and companies may find it easier to leverage these talent pools when trying to fill a full-time position. Therefore, it’s important for you not to rule out full-time employment when working with a temp agency.

Regardless of the type of position, regardless of the industry, our job recruiters put people first. We have a large network of companies in and around AK, OR, and WA that job seekers can take advantage of. If you are looking for a temporary staffing and employment agency that prioritizes service, speed, accuracy, and integrity, look no further. You’ve found it.

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