Interested in Manufacturing? Start with a Temp Agency

With all the uncertainty of the last few years, it’s understandable that job seekers might be reluctant to pursue “temporary” work in manufacturing. Stability, a steady paycheck, and a solid career path top the “must have” list for most workers. However, partnering with a temporary staffing firm can provide all that—and more. 

Temporary work is a great way to explore whether manufacturing is the right career for you, and manufacturing temp agencies provide a variety of employment options to help you make your decision. Most temp agencies offer competitive pay and excellent benefits. Since light industrial workers are in high demand, manufacturing recruiters are happy to keep them supplied with work, providing stability and steady income. 

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Advantages of Temporary Manufacturing Jobs

One of the great things about temporary manufacturing jobs is the variety of opportunities. Whether you are looking for an entry-level role or a management position, manufacturing recruiters have an established network of employers and inside information about who is hiring for the best opportunities.  

In most cases, they’ve visited job sites, performed safety checks, and familiarized themselves with the job requirements and company culture. When you partner with a manufacturing staffing agency, you’ll receive all the information you need to feel comfortable—and successful—from day one on the job. 

 How else can a temporary manufacturing job be beneficial for you? 

  • Temp Jobs Promote Continuous Employment. When you are hired by a staffing firm, your recruiter will find temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire roles, depending on your career goals. However, even if you accept a temporary position, that doesn’t mean your job with the agency is over when the placement ends. Far from it! Your recruiter would love to have your next role ready and waiting for you. 
  • Temporary Work is Flexible. Do you have personal responsibilities that prevent you from engaging in a 9-5 or 40-hour work week? Temporary manufacturing jobs can provide the flexibility you need to balance work with life. Choose the job that fits your life without worrying about how to change your life to pay the bills. You control your schedule, choosing jobs you like and working as much or as little as you prefer. 
  • Temp Positions Can Become Permanent. Many temp jobs have the possibility of direct hire if the role is a good fit for both you and your employer. Accepting temp-to-perm manufacturing jobs can help you get your foot in the door with exciting employers. Who knows? You might find a role you love and be in the right place at the right time (with the right experience) when a full-time, direct hire job opens up.  

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Why Use a Manufacturing Staffing Agency

Hunting for a job can be frustrating and time-consuming. After hours spent searching and applying, sometimes you never hear a word in response. By partnering with a manufacturing temp agency, you gain a powerful career advocate with a vested interest in finding great jobs for you. Your manufacturing recruiter will find great job opportunities, schedule interviews, and follow up with hiring managers. You’ll know where you stand at every step of the process, creating less frustration in the hiring process. 

Other advantages of working with manufacturing staffing agencies include: 

Find Jobs Quickly with a Manufacturing Recruiter

Your manufacturing recruiter works in the industry daily and can accelerate your job search. How can a manufacturing temp agency speed up your hunt? 

  • When you apply to jobs on your own, your application lands in the inbox with all the others. Working with a manufacturing temp agency can get your application directly into the hands of hiring managers who urgently need workers with your skills. 
  • Your manufacturing recruiter will only recommend you for jobs that match your skills, experience, and interests, saving you from wasting your time in jobs you hate. 
  • Your recruiter has an established network of connections, helping you find jobs faster and avoid employment gaps (and missed paychecks). 

Working with a staffing firm doesn’t cost you a penny. Employers pay the agency’s fees. You earn a paycheck and often receive perks and employment benefits, adding value to working for the firm. 

Temp Agencies Partner with Top Manufacturing Companies

When you partner with a manufacturing staffing agency, you gain access to top jobs and exclusive opportunities that may never get posted. Your recruiter knows the employer, understands the job requirements, and has likely visited the job site to ensure safety. You’ll learn valuable information about the company before you ever set foot on-site. Need help getting ready for your interview? Most recruiters are to provide job interview coaching, increasing your confidence and maximizing your chance of success.  

Working with Manufacturing Recruiters Can Have Career-Long Benefits 

Even if you’re looking for a permanent placement role, partnering with a staffing agency can have career-long advantages. You never know what will happen down the line! You might grow bored with your current position and want to explore a new role. After gaining experience, you may be ready for the next level. Maybe you like your job but want to stay open to great opportunities in your industry. Having an established relationship with a manufacturing recruiter could lead to future opportunities for career advancement. 

Begin Your Manufacturing Career in the Pacific Northwest

Opti Staffing connects motivated job seekers like you with some of the country’s leading companies. Our manufacturing staffing agencies in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Anchorage, Lake Oswego, and Vancouver offer flexible employment options that help you find great opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job to make some extra money, the opportunity to explore roles until you find the right one for you, or a full-time management position, count on Opti’s expert manufacturing recruiters to make your goals a priority. Get started with Opti today!