When to Leave a Job

Whether or not to quit a job is obviously an important decision. You need to think carefully about the pros and cons and look at all your options. Maybe you’re not sure if you should go or not. If that’s the case, here are some signs it may be time to move on.

Tension with Your Supervisor

Naturally from time to time you may have disagreements or other confrontations with your supervisor over certain issues, but few would consider leaving their job as a result.

But you may have more serious problems with the supervisor. For example, it could be that the person is just not very good at his or her job. He doesn’t communicate well or give feedback to you. You always find it difficult to set up a meeting, or the person is not clear exactly what he wants.

Or the supervisor could simply be unreasonable– he becomes angry at the smallest problems and has expectations that are impossible to meet. Or he may behave like a petty tyrant, abusing his power. He or she may take credit for other people’s work. If you are encountering these problems, it may be time to look elsewhere. But first, see if you can salvage the situation.

Before sending out resumes, you should see what you can do about improving the situation. If, for example, a lack of communication is the issue, you should attempt to meet with the supervisor and talk to him about it and find out if there is any way to make changes.

But if you’ve made every attempt to find a solution to the problems, and nothing seems to work, it is probably time to start looking elsewhere.

No Room for Growth

You have been in the job for a number of years and are now in a rut. You are to a large degree just going through the motions. The job no longer offers any fulfillment or challenge, and you see no opportunities for change or advancement. The company seems to take little interest in professional development or in giving you new responsibilities or opportunities to develop in your career.

If this is the case, it’s time to look for something new. But again, before taking that step, see if there’s anything you can do to improve the situation. Talk to your supervisor about possibly transferring to another department or taking on new projects or getting additional training.

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