Your 2022 Salary Guide For Operations

If you’re looking for the salaries for operations jobs in the Northwest U.S., Opti Staffing can help you. We have put together a comprehensive guide covering a range of operations jobs with brief descriptions and regional pay scale information for each.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the guide, just contact us and our research team will provide you with any additional information you need. Our team can also put together a detailed compensation analysis that fits your particular needs.

Our guide has about 40 positions listed. Some of the jobs listed include the following — office managers, executive assistants, controllers, bookkeepers, accountants, payroll clerks, benefits administrators, purchasing agents, supply chain managers, inventory control jobs, drafters, project managers, import/export clerks, and customer service representatives.

For each of the jobs listed, we offer a salary range for Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver in Washington. In Oregon, we offer salary ranges for jobs in Portland and Lake Oswego. And in Alaska, we give salary ranges for operations jobs in the Anchorage area.

Here are a few examples of Operations Careers Available in the Pacific Northwest

1.Office Manager

The duties of an office manager can vary depending on the company. But in general they supervise office activities to control expenses and maintain productivity. They develop procedures and policies for office operations, such as filing, dictating, records maintenance, typing, word processing and mail distribution. They may also be responsible for maintaining office equipment and supplies.

In the Seattle area, the salary range for office managers runs from $34 to $47 an hour. In Tacoma, the range is from $33 to $45 an hour, and in Vancouver, the salary range runs from $32 to $44 an hour.
Office manager salaries in the Portland and Lake Oswego, Oregon areas can range from $33 to $44 an hour. In the Anchorage area, office managers can earn anywhere from $35 to $48 an hour.


Controllers generally direct a company’s accounting functions. These can include things like establishing and maintaining the organization’s accounting principles, practices, procedures, and initiatives. They prepare financial reports and present their findings and recommendations to company leadership. This job requires a bachelor’s degree and a number of years of experience in the field. People who hold these jobs are often CPAs.

In the Seattle area, controllers can make anywhere from $83 to $122 an hour. In the Tacoma area, they can earn from $81 to $118, and in the Vancouver, Washington area, they can earn from $79 to $116. In the Portland, Oregon area, salary ranges for this position extend from $79 to $116 an hour. In the Lake Oswego, Oregon area, the range is from $78 to $115 an hour. Controllers in the Anchorage area earn from $85 to $124 an hour.


Drafters prepare drawings for various structures and equipment systems that are derived from layouts and sketches. They follow established technical specifications to prepare their drawings and designs. They consult with engineers about model accuracy, design, and drafting standards. Some employers require an associate’s degree in order to be hired for the job, in addition to several years of experience.

Drafters in the Seattle, Washington area, can earn from $27 to $34 an hour. In the Tacoma area, salaries can range from $26 to $33 an hour, and in the Vancouver, Washington area, from $25 to $33 an hour.

In Portland, Oregon, salaries go from $25 to $33 an hour, and the range is the same for the Lake Oswego area. In Anchorage, salaries range from $27 to $35 an hour.

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