Hearing About The Great Resignation? Here Are Three Ways To Better Engage And Retain Your Workforce

It’s been called the Great Resignation. There’s been a big jump in the number of people leaving their jobs. In fact, in a recent survey, just over half of all the workers responding said they were planning to look for a new job.

What has led to this big change? It’s a combination of factors. First, in light of the changes brought about by the pandemic, employees are reassessing their values and goals, what they think is important. Many are also frustrated by the rigidity of their employers, who have become ever more demanding in what they want, and more reluctant to increase what they will give. The pandemic has caused many to place new emphasis on the work-life balance. And if companies want to engage and retain their workers, they need to address this issue as a primary concern.

Here are a few things companies can do to hang on to their workers during this time.

3 Ways To Engage and Retain Top Employees

Examine workplace practices

How often does your company intrude into the lives of employees’ personal lives? For example, do they routinely get emails after work, even late at night? Do they have to interrupt their dinner to talk to someone at work about a project or some other task? Does your company expect employees to give up time on the weekends for work?

These are the practices that are driving employees away. In surveys, 25 percent of employees named work-life balance as the number one thing they would look for in a new job and the number one reason why they would leave their current job.

That’s why it is important for companies to constantly reassess their business practices and operations to make sure that they are maintaining a positive work-life balance for their people.

Focus on communication

Employees are also leaving jobs because they feel disconnected from their company, especially when working remotely. In surveys, 25 percent said that their companies did not make enough of an effort to keep in touch with remote workers.

Staying connected means adding a personal touch to your relationships. Taking the time to ask about a worker’s family or how things are going with them, to take a real interest in their lives. It also means showing appreciation for their efforts and recognizing what they do.

Provide and Collect Better feedback

Employees value feedback. They want to know how they’re doing and that their work matters.

Feedback is something that should be ongoing. Workers need to know where they are performing well, where they are falling short, and how they can improve.

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