Making Better Hires Faster, Is One of the Keys to Managing a Flexible Workforce

When companies grow at a rapid rate, they may develop business practices that are less than sustainable. Companies need to make solid business decisions to help them manage their expansion. They need to innovate, and to innovate, they need to have top-notch people.

Here are three tips for making faster hires (and why it matters so much)

1. When hiring, focus on character as well as skills

When you are hiring, you need to be as detailed as possible in your job postings about the skills, experience, and education that someone filling the job needs to have. The job candidate should have the skills and experience needed to learn on the job.

Prospective employees also need to share the values and goals of the company, or they won’t be a good fit. To determine if a job candidate shares your beliefs and goals, give him or her a hypothetical problem and ask them how they would confront the challenge. Their answers should give you an idea of their attitude as well as their aptitude for solving those problems, and both should be exceptional.

2. Seek a diverse workforce

When looking for people to hire, we are naturally drawn to those who are more similar to ourselves, people with similar backgrounds, attitudes and beliefs. This is an inclination we need to be aware of because it can prevent a hiring manager from hiring the best person for the position.

If everyone at a company is thinking along the same lines, it will be much more difficult to come up with new ideas and innovative business strategies. This is where diversity is important. You are much more likely to spark innovation and creativity if you have people from different backgrounds, people who come from different communities, with different customs, ideas, beliefs. When people of different backgrounds are brought together, you will get a host of different ideas that will bounce off of each other and spark more innovative solutions.

3. Develop a workplace atmosphere that is considerate toward everyone.

People perform their best and are most productive when they are working in a place that is supportive and appreciative of their efforts. When they have the freedom to take risks and make mistakes, they will be more creative and effective.

That is why it is important to maintain an atmosphere of respect toward all employees, regardless of their background. This will also help you to make better hires more quickly. When people know that they will be working in a welcoming environment, they are more likely to consider a job offer favorably.

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