How to Find the Right People for the Job – Hiring for the Right Fit

Although some companies place a higher value on it than others, the importance of the fit between a person and a company is important.
But what exactly does fit mean? It is basically how the personality and values of the employee align with the goals and values of the company and the personalities of those who work there. A freewheeling, laid back atmosphere at a tech startup, for example, may not be the best place for a straitlaced, button-down, by-the-book type to work.
Fit is important for several reasons. When the fit is good, the worker enjoys his or her job more. He is more engaged, and so is more productive. And a worker who is happier at his job is more likely to stay longer at the company. Conversely, someone who is not a good fit is more likely to leave sooner, increasing turnover and leading to higher costs for the company.

Determining if the Fit is Right

One of the most effective ways of seeing if the fit between the person and your company is right is simply to ask him or her about it. Question them about previous employers and their company cultures. How did the candidate feel about the culture at those places?
Ask the person to describe the kind of culture he or she does not feel comfortable working in and the kind he would like to work in. This will give you some idea of the kind of work environments that were tough for the person to deal with and how he or she might fit in with yours.
It is important when questioning the person, however, to probe beyond the initial query. You should follow up on the person’s answers to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the meaning of company culture.
After discussing these issues with the candidate, you can then describe the culture at your company and get his or her reaction to it. You can also give a description of your culture to the candidate in writing. This will send a signal as to the value the company places on it.

Search for the Right Fit?

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