Work-Life Balance Might Seem Tough Right Now – Here are a Few Suggestions

Balancing the demands of work and personal life has never been easy. The trend has been toward longer hours at work, which only accelerates during recessions when companies lay off employees and expect those still working to make up the slack.
Now, as the pandemic continues, more people are working from home and dealing with a novel set of problems revolving around work and family life. Boundaries begin to blur, and people spend longer hours working while trying to squeeze in time for kids and spouses.
But there are measures you can take to help restore a balance, to solidify the boundaries. Here are a few.

Working Remotely? Here Are 3 Ways To Bring Back Work-Life Balance

1. Have a space just for work

If you work at the kitchen or dining room table, you may feel like you never leave your job. Your work materials are there to remind you of work even when you are doing other household activities.
You need to have a space just for your job, someplace you can close the door on and get away from when you are finished.

2. Have an end of the day routine

This will help to establish a firm boundary for when you are finished with work.
Stop work at the same time every day. Spend the last 10 or 15 minutes planning your schedule for the next day. And then organize your workspace, clean up loose papers, put things away. All of this will help you to actually end work for the day.
Put your laptop away – to a storage space somewhere or even in a drawer. This will help to control the urge to look at it later.

3. Leave work behind

First, change your clothes. This again will help you mentally make the transition from work to personal time.
To help relieve stress, make sure to get plenty of physical activity, whatever sport you like. And get outside. Also, meditation is a great way to relax and relieve stress.
Keep a pen and paper with you to jot down thoughts or ideas if something pops into your head after work. This way, you won’t be tempted to pull out your laptop.

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