Hold the Press! Forbes Magazine Just Put us on Their List!

We are proud to announce that Opti Staffing has been recognized by prestigious Forbes Magazine as one of America’s best staffing agencies. After two decades in the business, our dedication to candidates and clients alike has gotten us no small amount of attention, and this honor is a particularly vivid feather in our professional cap.

It’s Because Of You!

We’d like to thank all of you for continuing to help make Opti the first choice for so many individuals and businesses looking to further their careers, grow their teams, and develop connections they can trust to obsess over their success as much as they do.

Built From the Ground Up!

Starting in Anchorage, Alaska and growing throughout the Pacific Northwest, Opti Staffing learned to partner with companies that prioritized their employees above everything. We looked for hiring managers and CEO’s who valued enriching, satisfying workplaces as much as they valued performance and dependability.

Our Success is Determined By Yours!

This dedication to the achievements of our candidates and the organizations we represent led us to our motto: “Our Success is Determined by Your Success”. We measure the impact we have had on our communities by how much we have improved the lives of the people in those communities; from local roots to the national stage, we know that our success would not have been possible without your trust and support.

Looking for a job or great employees? We’ve got you covered!

At Opti, we look beyond the resume and the job description, because making a good hire is about more than just a matching skill set. It’s about personality and culture fit, business perspectives, work ethic, management style, long-term company and career goals and more. We see the big picture. To find a new job, explore these openings and apply today! For staffing services, contact us today!