Get to the Gym – How a Health and Wellness Program for Your Employees Can Increase Their Productivity

Health and wellness programs are becoming more popular among companies because of the many benefits these programs deliver. Companies in the United States spend about $8 billion annually on such programs, while worldwide, businesses are spending $40 billion a year.

Why Should Your Company Consider A Wellness Program? 

How Wellness Programs Help

Wellness programs help reduce healthcare costs, but beyond that, they also help to increase worker productivity. The programs not only help to boost workers’ physical health, but their mental and financial health as well. Employee engagement is higher, as is retention, while absenteeism is lower, all of which lead to higher levels of productivity.
As a result of wellness programs, employees take fewer days off, have lower levels of stress, and focus better when they are at work.

Different Types

The types of wellness programs can vary widely among different companies and the goals they set. But generally, they include such things as health screenings and fitness programs, as well as educational offerings on various topics, such as nutrition, work-life balance, stress reduction, and smoking cessation.
More wellness programs are addressing mental health as well as physical. Some wellness programs also educate workers about financial issues because money problems have been identified as a major stressor for employees, affecting their productivity. The primary money issue for employees is paying off debt, followed by having enough money for an emergency, paying for education, having a stable income, and paying off a mortgage.

Proof That They Help

Research on wellness programs is providing hard evidence of their influence on productivity. In one study, for example, researchers examined the health and wellness of 100 people who worked in the Midwest over a period of three years, comparing the productivity of those who participated in wellness programs with those who did not.
It turned out that those who had a specific health problem and participated in the wellness program to address the problem increased their productivity by five percent. Moreover, others who began the wellness program in overall good health increased their productivity by 10 percent by the end of the study.
Those who exercised more and ate a more healthy diet had the greatest jumps in productivity.

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