Why Your Power Stance May Not Be as Important as Your Ability to Engage Your Employees

The concept of power stances has garnered a lot of attention in the business world. These are poses a person takes – how they position their body – that, some researchers claim, can increase the feeling of power, self-confidence, resolve, and, as a result, make a person a better leader.
Power stances may help to inspire trust in your leadership among employees and improve performance, although the effectiveness of power stances is open to debate. Scientific studies have provided no evidence that they really work, although there are still some who have faith in them.

Employee Engagement

On the other hand, the importance of having employees who are engaged in their work is beyond dispute. There are many studies showing that an engaged workforce performs better, is more innovative and more productive.
In one study, researchers looked at a group of steel mills, apparel makers, and electronics manufacturers. They compared companies that used more regimented operations with those that offered more employee involvement and incentives. In all of the industries, those companies with more employee involvement showed better performance levels. The employees at these same companies also had more positive attitudes, greater loyalty to the company, and more enjoyment in their work.
Two other studies in the insurance industry also investigated employee engagement, looking specifically at employee decision-making authority, employee training and support, and performance rewards. Companies with higher levels of these three measures of involvement also had higher morale, higher retention levels, and better financial performance.
Other research has shown that companies with highly committed workers outperformed those with minimal commitment by 200 percent.

Developing Engagement

Business experts have identified a number of factors that help to create an engaged workforce. One is an employee’s feeling about the importance of his or her job to the company and the contribution he is making. Other factors include a firm knowledge of job expectations, opportunities for career growth and development, ongoing feedback from supervisors, good working relationships with coworkers and managers, a good fit with the mission and values of the company, and good communication.

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