Should You Apply for a Job You Don’t Have All of the Skills For?

You may come across a job advertisement that really excites you. The job looks like something you would really enjoy doing. But there is one problem – you don’t meet all of the qualifications set out in the job description. Should you go ahead and apply for the job anyway?
The answer is generally yes, with some caveats. When hiring managers put together job descriptions, they often include a laundry list of requirements in an attempt to attract the best candidates possible, realizing that not everyone will have all of the skills listed.
So, if you believe you have the most important skills needed to do the job, that is, you are close to meeting the requirements, you should apply. But to improve your chances of getting the position, there are some other things you need to do as well.

How Could I Get I Job If I Don’t Have Everything The Employer is Looking For?

1. Highlight skills that are transferable.

As mentioned, the qualifications listed in job descriptions are more guidelines than exact requirements, so highlight the skills you have that are applicable to the job.

2. Do a project

Show the hiring manager what you can do by being proactive and doing some type of project that you can submit with your application materials. This will show your skills as well as your eagerness to get the job.

3. Get a referral if you can

If you know someone at the company, or have made contact with an employee at the company through professional networking such as social media platforms, talk to the person about giving you a referral for the open position.

4. Use the cover letter to make your case

Show your enthusiasm and how much you want the job in your cover letter. Highlight strengths that show you can do the job and how you would add value to the company and make a positive impact.

5. Determine the key requirements

Job descriptions are often wish-lists, not hard and fast requirements. Often hiring managers themselves are not absolutely certain about what skills are the most important. So they simply are throwing something against a wall and seeing what will stick.
So, examine the job description closely. Figure out what the keywords are to get some indication of what the company is looking for. Then focus on those skill words in your application materials, and demonstrate how you have attained and used those skills.

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