What Can You Expect When Working with a Recruiter?

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If you are looking for a job, working with a recruiter can offer you a number of advantages, giving you access to more employers and accelerating your job search process. Because recruiters work with employers and job candidates every day, they know the ins and outs of how the hiring process works and how to match good people with good jobs.
Opti Staffing’s team of recruiters throughout the Pacific Northwest is available to help you reach your professional New Year’s resolutions – find your next opportunity today! Here are some of the ways recruiters can help your job search.

Recruiters Have Deep Industry Knowledge

Recruiters boast a deep understanding of the job market and labor trends in their area. They know who is hiring and who will be hiring in the future. Recruiters know how to help position yourself as a successful candidate. They focus on particular industries and understand how each industry works. Furthermore, recruiters can provide you insight into their hiring practices and what you need to do to land the job.
Recruiters work closely with employers to learn all they can about the companies, how they operate, what their particular needs are, what the workplace environment and company culture is like and the kinds of skills they are looking for in candidates.
Job candidates who work with recruiters have access to all of this information, expertise and networks. Moreover, because of their contacts in the industry, recruiters will also know about jobs that may not have been advertised or about future openings.

Recruiters Are Invested in Your Success

The best recruiters will take the time to learn as much as they can about each candidate, not just about their skills and background, but about their interests and values. Just as recruiters work to form good relationships with employers, they will do the same for job candidates. This will help to ensure that the candidate and employer will be a strong fit.
Recruiters also will know how to present candidates’ qualifications in the best way to the employer. They will know what skills to focus on, and they will be able to coach the candidate as well. Moreover, the recruiter can act as a liaison between the candidate and the company to relay information, answer questions, or address issues and concerns from either side.

Find a Recruiter in Your Area Today

If you are looking for a job in Oregon, Washington or Alaska, the recruiters you should work with are at Opti Staffing. We work hard to earn your trust, treating all of our job candidates with honesty and integrity. Our success is determined by your success. Give us a call today.
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