Real Success: Jamal Elkhateib

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In any business, it’s people who make the difference. And it’s people who make the difference at Opti Staffing, people who know what it’s like to search for a job.
The staff at Opti are good at what they do – finding great jobs for great people. Each and every job candidate is important to the Opti recruiters. To us, each job candidate is an individual, not just a skillset, and we give each person the attention and respect they deserve. We get to know each candidate and what makes them unique and learn how we can best help them.
Jamal Elkhateib is an example of the kind of people we have at Opti: enthusiastic, persistent and driven to excel. We talked with Jamal about his job as a skilled trades recruiter in Tacoma, Washington and what he loves about Opti!

1. What is your favorite part about working for Opti Staffing?

It would have to be the entire Opti team and culture! Each and everyone, from peers to ownership, are amazing to work with. I can’t say I have ever dreaded coming into work and I love what I do.

2. Do you have a favorite Opti tradition you could highlight?

Our annual company gathering, Opticon! I can’t wait until next year!

3. What makes Opti unique?

The compassion and vision inside the company is unmatched on every level.

4. Tell us about your favorite moment helping an Opti client or candidate.

This is a tough one. The best moment would be the day we broke down the barriers with our biggest client. They were using five staffing agencies prior and chose us to be their first choice in staffing!

5. What does your perfect day look like?

Getting my calls in early and making a ton of placements in the mean time.

6. A Hollywood producer is making a movie about your life – who would be your pick to play the role of you?

I would have to say Tom Hardy.

7. What was your first job?

Scorekeeper at the Boys & Girls Club

8. What is the one word you would use to describe Opti Staffing?

Because of our unique approach, we have been able to place thousands of job candidates with employers throughout Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Contact your local branch to see how we can help you find your next opportunity.
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