Five Questions to Ask to Determine if a Job is Right for You

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As you go through the interview process, your end goal is to get the job. Throughout the process, you also need to consider whether the job is right for you. There are a number of factors to consider when making this decision, some dealing with the job itself, and others with the job environment. Here are a few things to look at.

1. Will you enjoy doing the job?

Are the duties and responsibilities of the job something you find interesting and energizing? Will you be able to use the skills you most like to work with? Will it play to your strengths?
One way to help with this decision is to make a list of all the skills you enjoy using the most, and then using this list as a reference as you move through the interview process and learn more about the job to see how well the duties match your list.
Also consider what kind of opportunities there are for advancement in the company. Will the job enable you to grow in your career and take it to the next level?
You may also want to consider job security. How is the company doing? Is it growing? Is its market share increasing or decreasing?

2. Is the salary adequate?

You should do some research to determine if the salary is competitive within the industry. It is also important to consider aspects of your life outside of work and assess what salary you may be looking for to meet your financial goals.

3. Can you work for your prospective manager?

Find out what you can about their management style. Is this a person you would enjoy working for? Is the person more of a micromanager, or do they give their workers more independence?

4. What is the mission and culture of the organization?

This is very important to determine your fit for the job. What are the values and practices of the organization? Is it structured in a more flexible way or is it more hierarchical? Does management expect people to dress more formally or casually? Does it value a good work-life balance or expect long hours? Does it value community service?

5. How important is location?

For some people this can be a deal breaker. How long would the commute to work be, and can you live with that? Is the company near centers of culture and entertainment and how important is that to you? How important is the quality of schools in the area?
Opti Staffing can help you with all of these questions. We have developed a program called The Fit Factor, which helps you to delve deeper into the job than just the description and duties to get a better idea if the job is right for you. If you are looking for assistance on your search for new employment, get in touch with Opti and ask an associate to tell you more about The Fit Factor and how it can help you.
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