Four Practices to Help Avoid Summer Staffing Shortages

opti staffing avoid summer staffing shortages
Summer can be an anxious time for many businesses. They are hit with a double whammy — It is a time of year when business often picks up, but at the same time, more employees are going on vacation. Here are a few actions that businesses can take to handle the problem.

1. Don’t restrict vacation time for employees.

On its face, cutting back on when employees can take vacations may sound like a good idea, but it really doesn’t work. Often, it creates resentment among workers. It leads to more burnout and problems with employee morale.

2. Be proactive about summer recruitment.

Recruiting experts advise beginning to recruit for summer employment at least two months before people begin taking vacations. For skilled jobs, set aside two weeks for onboarding.
Businesses also need to be aware of the talent pool that is available and make adjustments accordingly. Over the summer, for example, there will be more college graduates entering the workforce and they may need more training.

3. Hire more people than you will need.

There are several reasons for this. One is the attrition that occurs. You could have a crisis on your hands if you start losing people while business is still going strong. There are also people who accept a job offer, but for some reason have a change of heart and never show up for work. For example, one recruiter says only about 70 percent of the people hired for summer work actually show up.
Set up a talent pipeline for skilled workers. This is a pool of candidates who are ready to fill positions. One way of doing this is focusing on specialized group sites on social media platforms. Another way is developing a relationship with academic institutions and recruiting there. Still another is through employee referrals.

4. Offer incentives to entice people to stay for the entire summer.

These incentives can be relatively simple things like catered meals, casual dress days, prizes or raffles, or something similar. There are many different incentives you can experiment with here. Other options include bonuses for people who complete their summer assignment or even the chance at full-time employment.
Another effective use of bonuses is offering them to people who return the following summer. People who return should also be given an increase in pay, however small.
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