Engage Your Local Community Through Corporate Social Responsibility

opti staffing corporate social responsibility
Being a good corporate citizen is good for the community, a way of helping and improving the lives of others. But it has many advantages for companies as well – it enhances their reputation and improves employee morale and productivity. It raises the profile of the company, making it easier for the business to attract top talent.
Here are a few ways that companies can be more socially responsible.

Help Protect Your Local Environment

Companies can do this by supporting sustainability, buying goods and services that are ecologically friendly and protect our natural resources. For example, companies could purchase products such as fair-trade coffee and recycled paper.

Take Part in Community Events

Explore ways to participate in or sponsor community events and activities. This is also a good way to market your company to the community because people will see your company name at the events.
These community activities, however, should be a regular occurrence as a key component of the company operations. Companies could assign an employee or form a committee to schedule the community outreach several times each quarter, and everyone in the company should understand the importance of taking part in such outreach.

Contribute to Local Businesses

In addition to participating in local events, you can also contribute to the community by supporting local businesses, purchasing goods and services from them. This is good for your reputation within your community as well, especially if many of your customers are local.

Encourage Employee Feedback

Get employees involved in your social responsibility initiatives by encouraging their input on ways the company can get involved with the local community. In this way social responsibility becomes more than just a public relations effort but an integral part of the company culture.

Develop Volunteer Programs

A good way to contribute to the community is by having employees volunteer at community organizations. The company can encourage such efforts by giving employees time off for their volunteer work. Not only does it show the company as a responsible citizen of the community, it also helps to bolster employee morale and enhance their skill development.
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