Creating a Welcoming Workplace

Research has shown that employee productivity is closely tied to their well being and engagement. These elements are important not only for their performance but their retention as well. The growth and viability of any business depends on having a workforce that is eager and enterprising.
Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you retain your employees and that they are performing as they should.
1. Meet occasionally with employees
Leaders should sit down with each employee at least two times a year to talk about how things are going. This is not intended to be a performance review, but more a gauge of the employee’s feelings about the job.
This is a way of showing the employee that company leaders are interested in their morale and their career growth. During the meetings, managers should discuss the employee’s personal and professional goals at the company and what kind of progress they are making toward those goals.
Managers should also discuss their goals as well, goals they have for the company as a whole and individually. Supervisors should keep a record of each meeting, and then in following meetings, discuss the progress that the employee is making toward his or her goals.
2. Train your people
This is not a frill, as some people believe, but absolutely essential for the success of a business. In fact, more than three-fourths of employees in a recent survey said on-the-job training is the most important ingredient for success at work. And a lack of training was cited as one of the top reasons why people leave their job.
Managers at the company should work with senior employees to create the curriculum for a training program. The training should be interactive, where trainees participate and contribute.
3. Do not micromanage
It is understandable that managers want things done a certain way. But employees need room to exercise their capabilities, which they will never do if a manager is critiquing their every move. Instead of growing in their jobs, employees will withdraw, afraid to do what they are capable of, and become resentful.
Employees need to be given the opportunity to take risks and even to fail from time to time.
4. Get feedback
First of all, you have to let employees know that feedback, even critical feedback, is welcomed. This is essential for developing a good work environment and enabling your company to grow.
One good way of encouraging feedback is to send out a weekly email with a feedback form attached.
5. Give employees recognition
This is a simple thing to do, but many companies neglect to do it. To keep employees engaged, it is essential to recognize when they do good work. There are many different ways to do this, and they don’t need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time and effort to do.
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