How to Work with Mentors

Building relationships is important in any job, especially if you are in the early stages of your career. Finding seasoned leaders to act as mentors can be of enormous help in advancing and growing in your job, as well as avoiding the pitfalls that come from inexperience.
Here are a few tips on establishing and nurturing mentoring relationships from business experts.
1. The relationship does not have to be a conventional mentor-mentee arrangement
In other words, it can be something more casual. You can, for example, find a mentor in areas outside your own field or outside your company. You can call him or her or send an email to set up a time to get together when you want to meet with him or her.
The mentoring relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be something prescribed in a pre-established format with someone in your company.
2. Have more than one mentor
You don’t want to impose on one person too often. You need to show the mentors that you realize the importance of their time. If you have a group of mentors, you can switch from one to another, contacting one, for example, three to four times a year, and the others in between.
3. Be brief and focus on getting information
When you talk with a mentor, respect his or her time by getting right to the point of your call. Let them know why you are calling, how much time you need, and what you are after. It may help to prepare some questions before you call.
Keep the relationship positive. Avoid complaints or gossip.
4. Send a note of appreciation
Let your mentor know how much you value his or her time and advice by sending a thank you note after talking with him. To really individualize the note, send a handwritten note on paper, rather than a text or email.
Some also send a gift to the mentor, something the person can use.
5. Let the mentor know how things went
Get back to your mentor and tell him how you applied his advice to the problem you were facing and how things worked out. Let the mentor know if you were able to solve the problem or not and how things are progressing.
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