The Here and Now – How to Get More Done

No matter who we are or where we work, we all want to do more, do it better, and do it faster. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our performance.
Because of this pressure, many people turn to drugs, stimulants that make us more alert and energized. More students are taking them during exam time, and professionals use them to tackle big work projects and get more done.
But in the end, psychologists say that these performance enhancing drugs really are not what we should rely on. They only lead to burnout.
The Problem with Multitasking
The real problem is that we are not focusing enough our ourselves. In our attempt to do more, we try to do too much at the same time – what has come to be known as multitasking. We may be playing with our kids, but we are checking our messages at the same time. We are rarely all there – we are focusing on the present only about half the time; the other half, our thoughts are on the future or the past.
So, to really be more productive, psychologists say the real solution is to stop our minds from wandering and stop the multitasking, to be completely in the moment. Research has shown that we are actually happier when we are totally focused on the present moment as well, even if we are doing something that we don’t really like to do.
And, by focusing on the here and now, you become more efficient as well. That is because you are concentrating all of your attention on just one thing. Multitasking is actually inefficient because you cannot focus completely on one thing. You may be doing more things, but you are actually not doing them as effectively.
How to Be More in the Present
The question then is, how can we develop the capacity to be fully in the moment, in the here and now? Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises can help. Practice also helps. We can train our minds to stay in the present. When we listen to someone, for example, we have to bring ourselves to focus just on what they are saying, and not let our minds wander to what we are going to say next.
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