Making a Good Impression

We all want to make a good impression when we meet other people. Sometimes making a good impression can have major consequences, as with a job interview. We want to appear poised and confident, sure of ourselves and relaxed. How we speak and act is important naturally because that is how we craft our image. So, if you are wondering what you can do to come across as more confident and in control – especially if you have a job interview coming up – here are a few tips.
1. Make eye contact.
Making eye contact is the most important action you can take as far as body language, according to the experts. We use our eyes a lot more than you may realize. They can express sympathy, caring, and closeness, or to express a sense of authority and power.
The best way to make eye contact is as naturally as possible when you are talking with someone – looking at them directly without staring. You certainly want to avoid looking around, or having your eyes wander as you converse, since this conveys a negative image.
2. Smile
This is another way to show confidence. But how you smile is also important. You don’t want to show too much of your teeth. This looks like you’re trying too hard, too eager to please, and gives the opposite effect of what you are after.
Another thing to keep in mind with your smile is the condition of your teeth. Research has shown that crooked teeth can have a negative effect. Whether true or not, people perceive crooked teeth as a sign of lower intelligence. People with crooked teeth generally have a more difficult time connecting with members of the opposite sex and getting jobs. If you have this problem, you should consider orthodontic work.
3. Firm handshake.
This is another thing that people will judge you on. A weak handshake will be perceived to be a sign of a weak person. Therefore, your handshake, whether man or woman, should be firm. You want to have enough strength in your grip to show confidence, but not so much that you make the other person uncomfortable.
4. Good posture
Standing up straight, with shoulders back, gives both the look and feel of confidence. Gestures add to the impression of confidence as well.
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