Employee Loyalty and How to Keep It

It probably won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that job loyalty isn’t what it used to be. Workers today are more interested in having a healthy work-life balance, rather than being consumed by ambition to climb the corporate ladder.
Now that the economy is improving and unemployment has fallen a good deal, skilled workers have more clout in the job market than before, with more opportunities available to them. A recent survey by a recruiting firm in the San Francisco Bay area found that almost half the workers who responded are ready to move to a new job, even if they are relatively satisfied with their current employment. More than a quarter look at their job as preparation for something better in the future, whether at their current place of employment or some other place.
Money is the prime reason why employees want to move. About two-thirds of those who answered the survey said their choice of job was determined mostly by the salary.
The survey also revealed that many people are looking for employment while they are at work. About an third of the employees responding are checking job ads online while at work, while another third check while on their way to work. For younger workers, money was held in even higher regard than for those who were in the workforce longer.
So, if you are an employer, what can you do to retain your people? While pay certainly is important in retaining workers, it’s not the only thing that keeps employees happy. Other factors that affect employee morale include being treated with respect, having a good balance between work and personal life, the kind of work they do, the caliber of their supervisors and coworkers.
To encourage loyalty among employees, companies also need to recognize employees’ achievements, things like time spent with the company, work performance, and professional development, such as certifications.
Supervisors also need to be available and receptive to employees when they have an issue or complaint. Employees need to know they have an empathetic ear from management when they have a concern.
And also, offering flexibility with work schedules, if possible, has been shown to boost employee morale and productivity.
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