Recent Employee Survey Results

Recent surveys are showing that money is not the main motivation behind job decisions.
In fact, nine out of ten workers said they left a company for reasons other than money. What this means for employers is that you shouldn’t assume a talented job candidate is out of reach because of salary requirements. There may be many other perks that your company can offer that may entice the person to come.
The survey also showed that more than half of employees would recommend jobs at their company to friends or relatives. But surveys also showed that companies are not taking advantage of this resource because fewer than one-fourth of the companies contacted had any type of employee referral program. Companies could benefit enormously from employee referrals if the businesses made it easier for their workers to get more information on how to do it.
More than half of employees in other research responded that they felt it was important that their company be an employer of choice of job seekers. This is important not only for recruiting new workers, but also for keeping the workers you now have. Many employees stay at their place of employment because of the reputation the company has and the pride they take in their work. And keeping current employees happy is good for the bottom line since you need to hire fewer people, avoiding the costs that entails.
More than half of the companies contacted in another poll said not having the right employees, or adequately qualified employees, can cause the company to lose business. Firms may be concerned about the cost to hire a new worker, but they also need to be concerned about the quality of the person that is being hired. To find the kind of quality people you need, your company needs to present a compelling message to job seekers.
Also, in another survey, almost all of the companies contacted – 97 percent – said they had some kind of branding strategy. So, if your company does not, you are at a severe disadvantage in attracting new employees. Other companies have developed a compelling, coherent message about their mission, vision, values, culture, and benefits. To be competitive, your company needs to do the same, and to get that message out.
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