Spotting “Fraudulent” Job Candidates

They’re definitely out there: the job candidates who are “sheep in wolf’s clothing.” That is, they look good on paper, they’re great at interviewing, they claim to have the skills you need.
But do they really?
Here’s how to spot the job candidates who aren’t what they claim to be:

  •  Google the person and see what comes up. Is it far different than the person claimed?
  •  Check out their social media presence. What shows up in their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and feeds.
  • Let the candidate/interviewee have plenty of time to talk. Don’t be the one who speaks the most. Let the candidate speak and pay attention.
  • Aim for a longer interview rather than shorter. You can learn a lot of things about someone in an hour or 90 minutes; you won’t learn nearly as much in just 20 minutes.
  •  Check references and former employers. We’re constantly surprised about how many companies skip this important step. Did the candidate work where and when he or she said? Did the candidate have the job title claimed?
  •  Contact educational institutions to verify that the candidate did indeed graduate or receive certification in the degree or training he or she claims. If the candidate will be working with money or other sensitive information, consider paying for a thorough background and/or credit check.

If you’re tired of the interview candidate after candidate, speak to the Opti Staffing Group about performing initial screening and interviews of job candidates. We can cull through resumes and set up preliminary interviews and then just send the top candidates on to your office for second and even third interviews with just the cream of the crop! Contact us today!