Strategies for Impressing Your Boss and Advancing Your Career

Do you want a raise? Do you want to advance in your career? Good!
Now get ready for some real work.
Yes, impressing the boss — the right way — does take work on your part. Impressing your supervisor with empty flattery or agreeing with everything he or she says does little to impress and more to annoy. Your boss doesn’t want a sycophant — he or she wants to see department goals and initiatives completed and successful. Help in that arena and you will be successful, too.
Your first step is to ask for a meeting with your boss and ask for those things upon which your boss wants you to focus. Ask her what her department’s goals are and, as you learn them, either ask what you can do to help her reach those goals or come up with your own ideas (be sure to pass them by your supervisor before implementing any, of course).
Another way to impress your boss is to go above and beyond your job description and duties. Don’t neglect those priorities for which you were hired, but look for ways you can do more. Even the simple, “I’m done with my projects for the day, is there anything else I can do for you?” can raise the esteem in which your boss holds you.
As you’re doing all of these good works, be sure to document them. Yes, it would be nice if the boss would automatically remember all of your stellar accomplishments, but no one cares as much about your career as you do, so keep a log of your successes.
You’ll then want to send these reports to your boss regularly. These reports can be as simple as a weekly log reporting on what tasks are complete and what projects are still underway (be sure to include an update as to their progress). Or it can be a formal report that you give to your boss before your annual review. Or something in between.
The point is to be sure you have written proof of how you’ve gone beyond what’s asked of you, of the value you’ve brought to your employer.
Because that’s what really impresses a boss — someone who proves his or value, who does what it takes to get the job done, and who isn’t afraid of a bit of hard work.
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