Popular Employee Assessment Tests

Have you ever hired an employee pretty much just based on his or her résumé, references, how he or she interviewed, and “just your gut” feelings?  And then did you have to let that employee go just a few months later?
If you used an employee assessment test you may not have had that problem.
Too many of us rely on our “intuition,” our “gut,” a “feeling” we get as we interview someone regarding whether he or she is a good fit for the position and company. While a seasoned hiring manager’s “gut feel” shouldn’t necessarily be ignored, candidate assessment tests can go a long way to “shoring” up a hiring manager’s intuition regarding whether or not a candidate is a good match.
As examples, many assessment tools today help you match candidates’ qualifications to your exact needs for any given position. These tools let you find your best candidates based on a benchmark you set. This then removes any bias or “gut” you may rely upon when hiring.
Are you hiring for a sales position? Or for a project manager? What about an engineer, or even marketing professional? Many firms offer assessment tools that will let you ascertain a potential new hire’s personality, customer service skills, attention to detail, acumen for numbers — just about whatever type of assessment test you need, there’s one out there.
In addition, when it comes time for employee reviews, assessment tools exist that can perform 360-degree performance evaluations, provide background checks, conduct job simulation tests, etc.
Assessment test firms almost always will give you — pretty quickly, too; within hours, or even minutes — an easy-to-decipher report on a candidate. These reports often will score an applicant against values you set, and will identify whether a particular applicant meets or exceeds the top competencies you’ve deemed critical to success within the position.
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