Five Tips for Setting Yearly Goals for Your Team

It’s well known that those who set goals — deciding upon them and then writing them down — have a great chance of achieving them. If you’d like to put together some goals for your team at work, here are some suggestions on how to do so.
The best kind of goals to set are known as S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable and/or Agreed Upon, Realistic, and Timely.
We’ll break them down individually:
Specific: The goal is well-defined and makes sense to anyone who has basic knowledge of a project.
Measurable: Your team knows if the goal is obtainable and how long it will take for the goal to be met. Also as important, the team will be able to tell (measure) if it’s been met.
Achievable/Agreed Upon: Everyone who has a stake in the goal agrees as to what the goal is.
Realistic: The goal is reachable based upon the knowledge of the team and the resources available.
Time-based: There is enough — but not too much — time available to reach the goal.
1) As you and your team create goals, aim to create some that are in line with your department’s or even your company’s goals. List the benefits of the goals and why your team will want to meet them — the ol’ what’s in it for them.
2) List potential roadblocks and challenges to meeting the goal. Take a look at available resources. What tools will your team need to meet the goal.
3) What skills are needed? Do your team members have these skills? If not, be sure to provide the necessary training, or consider bringing in additional talent as needed (on a part-time or contract basis, if necessary) to fill in the knowledge and skills gap.
4) Develop your plan of action and set a deadline. Be sure it’s written and detailed, listing the responsibility of each member of the team. Follow up and check in on all team members periodically. Make sure everyone is on track. Bring in extra resources as  necessary.
5) Finally, once your team has achieved the goal, it’s reward time! Whether it’s a special team dinner at a nice restaurant or a monetary bonus, your team members should know that their hard work and success is noted and appreciated.
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