Hear what other happy clients have to say about their experience with us.

Client Testimonials

Neer Patel

“Andrew spent time visiting my facility and getting to know our specific needs. He listened and then actively searched to find the right fit for me and my staff in a temp-to-hire position. Andrew showed a genuine desire to help place the right person who could thrive in my business. I truly appreciate his efforts and attitude, and for that he’ll be the only one to fill any staffing needs I have. ”

Debbie Whitworth, PHR, Human Resource Manager

“I am pleased to recommend Andrew Watson with whom I have worked to assist our company in filling very difficult positions within our organization. “Although I have worked with Andrew for only a few short months, I have found him to be an important resource for expanding our business with talented people. Andrew invested the time to get to know our company, learn about the positions, and eventually come to an understanding of management’s expectations. Once given an assignment, Andrew is tenacious in finding the right candidate, bringing the search to a prompt and successful conclusion. “I highly recommend Andrew as a search consultant for your company.”

Mat Pisha

“Opti is very good at filtering through and screening for qualified applicants.”

Amy Hubbard, Human Resource Generalist

“Thank you for your service in providing us a direct placement candidate for our Dynamics AX contract position. I appreciated your attentive follow-up and clear communication. I was also pleased to use our direct placement credit for this hire.”

Nathan Marks

“It has been a true pleasure working with Opti over the last few years. They have been a valuable resource in assisting with our staffing requirements by learning our needs, prescreening candidates and sending out the individuals who they feel will best meet the needs of our organization. I look forward to working together as both our organizations grow.”

Janet Holt, HR Manager

“I am pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with Opti Staffing and will contact them again in the future for other staffing needs. The quality of the job seekers was excellent and made the hiring decision much easier. I highly recommend Opti to anyone looking to fill a key position. The recruiters have always been very helpful in finding good matches for our company.”

Mike Vallery, Shop Manager

“We have used Opti Staffing in Portland for approximately one year now and have been extremely pleased with our relationship. They took the time to determine our needs, so when they suggest people to fill open positions, they have a high probability of meeting our expectations. We now have employees on our payroll that came through the Opti program and are a very good addition to our team. “We have also been able to call with short-time needs that they have been able to fill. This saves us a tremendous amount of time and cost by having them do the advertising and preliminary interviews before we get a candidate suggested to us. They do a great job of follow-up to make sure interviews went as planned, and they also do routine calls to make sure our needs are being met with their candidates as they are working for us. The local staff has been very good to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone as I have done in the past.”

Julie Hansen, General Manager

“The reason I work with Opti Staffing is because you and your staff are so professional. I know that I can count on you to provide temporary services as well as permanent employees. I know that you are constantly working on having a group of people to send out on interviews, so you are ready when I call and need someone ASAP. You have always asked the right questions to fully understand what I need and want. You’re the best!”

Don Jackson, Service Manager

“We hired one of your candidates as a full-time employee. We are very happy with him. I also want to thank you for all your help with our staffing issues. I will call you in the future if our needs increase. Thanks again!”

Calvin Caley, President

“I had two jobs to fill and advertised them in the usual ways. After two months, I had one hire and wasted dozens of hours with unqualified, late, no-show, or just plain weird candidates. I listed the second job with Opti and in two weeks had several well-qualified applicants, already screened. Our hire is working out well and fits in great in my small business. I wish I had started with Opti and I will use them again.”

Douglas Stitzel

“The people that Opti Staffing sent to us did a great job and worked hard. I was most impressed with them showing up on time and ready to work.”

Eagle, General Manager

“I have been working with Opti Staffing for almost five years now. I manage an up-and-coming industrial construction company in the Seattle area and we specialize in EVERYTHING. With the wide variety of specialized skills that we require such as precision alignment, certified welder/fabricators, Millwrights, multi-craft industrial maintenance technicians, etc., one of our biggest challenges is finding people with the required skills and the personality/character to work well as part of our team. “The one thing that sets Opti Staffing apart from other agencies that I have used is their consistent ability to put multiple strong resumes in front of me in a timely manner whenever I have a job opening. That is what I need in a staffing agency and what I get with Opti Staffing. “I have worked with many wonderful associates at Opti but have been working closely with Jewel Koury there for some time now. Jewel has been in the industry for many years, she is a tremendous asset to Opti and the clients that she serves. My experience is that she can think well outside the box, has the patience and understanding to deal with constantly fluctuating client demands, understands what the customers need, is diligent, a consistent and effective communicator, and unequaled in her ability to screen and put together a list of skilled professional candidates that match my demands. It is nice to interview several candidates back to back instead of weeks apart, especially when you needed someone yesterday! “In my business, as like many, there is little available time when you are a growing company to search for new hires, Opti Staffing takes that burden off my shoulders and my cost for temp-to-hires is typically less than my fully loaded labor burden for my other full-time employees. “I found something that works, makes my life easier and is helping to grow my business so I am sticking with it.”