Hear what other happy clients have to say about their experience with us.

Eagle, General Manager

“I have been working with Opti Staffing for almost five years now. I manage an up-and-coming industrial construction company in the Seattle area and we specialize in EVERYTHING. With the wide variety of specialized skills that we require such as precision alignment, certified welder/fabricators, Millwrights, multi-craft industrial maintenance technicians, etc., one of our biggest challenges is finding people with the required skills and the personality/character to work well as part of our team.

“The one thing that sets Opti Staffing apart from other agencies that I have used is their consistent ability to put multiple strong resumes in front of me in a timely manner whenever I have a job opening. That is what I need in a staffing agency and what I get with Opti Staffing.

“I have worked with many wonderful associates at Opti but have been working closely with Jewel Koury there for some time now. Jewel has been in the industry for many years, she is a tremendous asset to Opti and the clients that she serves. My experience is that she can think well outside the box, has the patience and understanding to deal with constantly fluctuating client demands, understands what the customers need, is diligent, a consistent and effective communicator, and unequaled in her ability to screen and put together a list of skilled professional candidates that match my demands. It is nice to interview several candidates back to back instead of weeks apart, especially when you needed someone yesterday!

“In my business, as like many, there is little available time when you are a growing company to search for new hires, Opti Staffing takes that burden off my shoulders and my cost for temp-to-hires is typically less than my fully loaded labor burden for my other full-time employees.

“I found something that works, makes my life easier and is helping to grow my business so I am sticking with it.”