Improving Workplace Safety

Although most businesses are covered by government safety guidelines, it is important to review and evaluate safety procedures regularly to ensure that all risk factors are identified and addressed.

There are a number of basic procedures manufacturing companies should have in place to maintain the highest levels of safety. Here are a few important ones.

1.Conducting regular safety audits

This can help identify potential hazards and take steps to address them. It will help you to determine also how well your current safety measures are working and if they are in compliance with legal requirements. It should also enable you to determine if you have adequate resources devoted to safety.

The first step in conducting an audit is to look at the legal guidelines and standards set for safety in your workplace. You should look at what standards are in place and how well they match up with the legal requirements. The next step is to determine how closely you are following the safety standards.

After your investigation, you want to write up an audit report that details any of the issues that you uncovered. The report should spell out what the safety risks are and how serious they are.

Then develop a plan of action to address the risks that you have discovered. You need to list the steps you are going to take to control the safety risks.

2. Providing training

Employers should ensure that all employees are trained on how to safely perform their jobs and how to use any safety equipment provided.

3. Maintaining equipment

Proper maintenance is important to ensure that all equipment is in good working order and safe to use.

4. Encouraging safe work practices

Employers should encourage employees to work safely and report any unsafe conditions or practices.

5. Establishing safety policies

Developing written safety policies can help to establish clear guidelines for safe work practices. Company management needs to understand what their legal responsibilities are regarding health and safety, and everyone should know where they can obtain information about safety requirements.

6. Providing personal protective equipment

Employers should provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that employees know how to use it properly.

7. Establishing an injury and illness prevention program

An effective program can help to identify and correct potential hazards before they cause injuries or illnesses.

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