How to Enhance the Onboarding Process

Many companies have a process in place to onboard new hires. But it may be one that they have been using for a long time and have not bothered to update. Or it may not be the most effective.

Here are a few ways to help improve the onboarding process

1.Not just for new hires

When most people think of onboarding, they see it as a process to help orient people who have just been hired. But onboarding can be a useful process in other situations as well. For example, when someone gets promoted, you can put them through an onboarding process to orient them to their new job. The same is true for people who move from one job to another within the company. Onboarding can help them to acclimate to their new position. Naturally the process would not be as detailed as for a new hire.

2. Manager education program

Managers can receive training as well in how to onboard effectively. For most managers, the hiring process is an ancillary function of their job, and they may not know the best way to go about it.

3. Start early

Companies can start the onboarding process even before the new hire’s first day on the job. The company can email the person a welcome message, telling them who they will be meeting and working with, and what they will be doing on their first day.

4. An itinerary

Before new hires arrive, the company can also send them an itinerary of what they will be going through their first day or first week on the job, the kinds of administrative tasks that need to be taken care of and other events and activities that are part of onboarding.

5. Soliciting opinions

It’s important to get feedback from new hires about the process as well. As they go through onboarding, talk to them occasionally about their impressions of how it’s going, if they like the process, what they don’t like about it and ways that it can be improved.

6. Reviewing and revising

Just as with any other program, the company should regularly review and revise the onboarding process, making changes as needed to improve it and keep it up to date with current policies and procedures.

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