Keeping a Work Journal

Most people have a little routine before they clock out at the end of the day, the things we usually do before we head out the door. But there is one task you’re probably not doing at the conclusion of your work day that you probably should. And that is keeping a work journal. Why is it a good thing to do? The reason is simple — it can help to make you more productive and help you to manage your time better. Here are a few ways that a journal can do this.

1.It can help to relieve stress

Writing things down your journal, just the act of doing it, helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Like taking a walk or some other type of exercise, it helps to relax you.

2. A more complete picture

Writing in a journal helps you fill in the blanks of all the things that happened during the work day. This could include thoughts and ideas that you had, the emotions that you experience during the day because of events, plans that popped into your head for future assignments, what you plan to do the next day.

3. Reflection

Keeping a journal will also help you to reflect on the events of the day, something we usually have little time to do. Things often go by in a rush. There are meetings, crises that develop, other assignments, and fires to put out.

You move from one thing to the next without a chance to think about their significance, whether something could have been handled better or differently or if anything had to be done at all.

4. Perspective

Writing at the end of the day helps to give you the perspective that you would not otherwise have. During the day, you are moving from one activity and task to the next. You’re down in the weeds, so to speak. But at the end of the day, you get to see the day as a whole, you get a bird’s eye view, which can help you to put the events of the day into perspective, to see which were the most impactful and which were not that important.

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