How to Improve Your Decision-Making

During the work day, we are constantly making decisions, both large and small. Some are minor, but others are more significant and have a greater impact.

Some people, when they need to make a big decision, are more intuitive, taking a kind of go with your gut attitude. Others take a more rational approach, believing the best way is to think things through, looking at different angles.

But feelings about a decision should not be ignored. It’s a good idea to consider how you would feel after making a particular decision. Would you feel satisfied with your decision? Do you feel good about it, or does it cause you unease? This is something to pay attention to. Here are some steps to making a good decision

1. Focus on the issue

The first thing to consider is exactly what you are trying to decide. For example, you may think that you are making a decision about whether you want to buy a car or not, but you’re concerned about whether you can find one that’s in your budget. In this case, the decision is not about whether you want to buy a car, it’s about what kind of car you want to buy relative to cost.

2. Collect information

You want to have as much information as possible before you make your decision. You need to know all of the options that are available and the impact your choice will have. But you need to understand as well that in the real world, you will never have all of the information you would like and that there will always be time constraints.

3. If, then

You can also look at your decision as an if-then proposition. In other words, asking yourself, if I make this particular decision, then what will happen as a result? This may help you to clarify what to do. It is more of a cause-and-effect way of looking at things

4. It’s just the beginning

Most people make a decision and look at it as a solitary action, self-contained, an end point. But you need to look at it actually as the beginning of a process.

Once you’ve made the decision, you need to think about what further actions you can take to support that decision and to ensure that the outcome is the one you want.

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